Volunteer, Donate and Join the Armed Forces: How Lviv IT Cluster Members Work in the Wartime

The occupation war of Russia against Ukraine continues. From the first days of the war, Lviv IT Cluster, which unites almost 200 IT companies and more than 25,000 IT specialists, has joined to support the Armed Forces and all those who need help now. The Cluster has opened five centers for internally displaced persons and a humanitarian aid collection center for regions affected by hostile attacks. The main focus is on collecting and transferring equipment, personal protective equipment, and medical supplies for the militaries fighting in the hottest spots of Ukraine. IT professionals are working to strengthen cybersecurity in the country. A team of communication and digital marketing specialists has been set up to defend the information front, fight fakes, and spread the truth in Russia and Belarus. The Cluster has launched the Tax Pay Forward initiative to pay the Single Social Contribution and the Single Tax in advance. This will help the state, and local authorities, which form the rear for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Territorial Defense Forces, and tackle humanitarian challenges.

All Lviv IT Cluster member companies actively participate in the struggle for Ukraine’s democracy and sovereignty. They donate millions of hryvnias to support the army, enter the volunteer movement, join the Territorial Defense Forces and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, take care of their employees by relocating them and, despite everything, try to continue work to maintain the economic strength and stability of Ukraine. Many companies in the community stopped cooperating with any Russian business not to support the occupying country financially.

Lionwood.software company provided its office with everything needed for a temporary stay, accommodating 460 people, including 200 children. Many companies help employees who are forced to move from other cities. Grid Dynamics company equipped more than 100 beds in their office, a playroom for children and a room for cats, Symphony Solutions – part of the Lviv office turned into a shelter, beds were placed in all the company’s meeting rooms. EPAM has set up a shelter on the basis of its office in Lviv for the employees, their families, and relatives from all over Ukraine to temporarily settle down and recover. Similar settlements have been opened in Ivano-Frankivsk and Chernivtsi.

Before the Russian invasion, N-iX donated UAH 900,000 through the Come Back Alive Foundation. Employees of the company are actively involved in volunteering, donating money to help the army, and participating in cyber warfare. N-iX supports the employees who joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Territorial Defense Forces – the N-iX Fund has been created to help colleagues in the Armed Forces. The company has already donated $ 200,000 to the Fund.

On February 24, Sombra donated UAH 125,150 to the Come Back Alive Foundation. These funds had been raised by employees, which the company doubled. The volunteer coordination center decided to allocate $ 20,000 from the company every day during the hot phase of the war. Employees of the company collected UAH 136,500 for the needs of the Ukrainian army in less than a day. Sombra has already donated more than $ 100,000 to volunteers and foundations for the Armed Forces. The workers agreed to donate part of their rewards to help the army.

Ciklum, supporting Ukraine’s freedom and sovereignty, has allocated UAH 1,5 million to finance the Ukrainian army. The company has also further expanded the From Patriots to Patriots program for donations from its employees – Ciklum will double the funds raised and direct them to support Ukrainian Defenders. From Patriots to Patriots is an initiative that, since 2014, has raised more than $ 785,000 to strengthen the Ukrainian army’s capability.

SoftServe has paid UAH 24 million taxes in advance to inject additional resources into the Ukrainian economy today. In addition to UAH 12 million from the company donated to the Open Eyes Charity Found, fundraising has been launched through the company’s website. An additional UAH 1,2 million has already been collected from the company’s employees. SoftServe also handed over bulletproof vests, wireless receivers, helmets, extension cords and power supplies to the Armed Forces.

Avenga raised UAH 2,4 million in military assistance and made the first transfer. The company’s second transfer amounted to € 50,000. Avenga provides the Territorial Defense Forces with the necessary computer equipment on a daily basis. In addition, the company’s specialists in various cities join volunteer initiatives.

After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24, ELEKS donated UAH 600,000 and $ 50,000 to support Ukrainian troops. In addition, during January-February 2022, the company donated UAH 560,000 through the Come Back Alive Fund. On February 28, ELEKS increased its funding for the Armed Forces of Ukraine to UAH 600,000 per day. Some employees of the company decided to serve in the Territorial Defense Forces or the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

EPAM joins the all-country efforts and allocates UAH 10 million to the humanitarian organization of the Ukrainian Red Cross Society to meet the medical needs of Ukrainian hospitals and the needs of displaced people. The company also donated more than UAH 440,000 to the non-governmental organization ASAP Rescue, which conducts rescue operations. EPAM Ukraine transferred in advance UAH 50 million income tax for the first quarter of 2022 to the state budget.

Intellias transferred UAH 1,000,000 to the Come Back Alive Foundation. After all, while our military is courageously repelling enemy attacks, we need to contribute in support of the Ukrainian army. The company’s employees donated almost UAH 800,000 a week. The founders of Intellias also joined the collection and transferred more than UAH 200,000. The company is evacuating colleagues from the eastern regions. It also provides Military Packages for the mobilized or those who join the ranks of Territorial Defense Forces.

Sigma Software transferred UAH 8,886,148 to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Half of the amount is personal donations from the company’s employees. Even in a situation where many people are forced to flee their homes because the Russian invaders attacked them, workers are trying to find ways and resources to show their support for Ukraine’s defenders.

GlobalLogic continues to operate and fulfill its obligations to its partners in full. GlobalLogic donates UAH 1,000,000 to the Come Back Alive Found. The company encourages employees to join the initiative through foundations or people they trust.

IT companies are activating all efforts to provide maximum support to the country and their employees. Every day they help families who are forced to leave their homes, support the community, the defenders, all those who need support now, believing that the victory of justice, democracy, freedom, and Ukraine is near.