Custom operations management system

The CRM may become a reliable solution for multiple business owners who have a group of companies or restaurant chains that integrate information of all companies, making it easier to communicate and extract information. This platform unites numerous features that simplify the workflow for hundreds of employees, making it easier to send requests, create reports, measure results of one’s work, and much more. It helps to manage HR matters within one platform and allows users to address numerous issues, integrating broad functionality in one platform. 


Key features

Client data registration. This feature allows users to add primary information about the company, including its name, address, phone numbers, and additional info that users may need for a quick access.  

Pricing and cost forecast. Users can create an automated report by clicking a few buttons and choosing the right company. The report has default prices for different services based on the location. 

Service content and range customization. While all important documents are stored in a “Documents tab”, users can filter the results and find the content they need at the moment. 

Geographical coverage and destination choice. This feature allows users to check in which countries the company operates. 

Time management. Users that have permission can track time with a built-in timer that reflects the amount of hours the person has worked, which then helps to analyse results. 

HR management. You can measure the teams’ performance, assign HR-related tasks to the responsible parties and deal with all the related documents of a specialist. 

Service orders and ticketing. This feature allows creating tickets and sending requests to specialists. For instance, you can notice a bug in the system, fill out a simple form and choose the department you want to address your issue. 

Billing and invoicing payments. The platform automates reports, generating invoices for clients based on the available company’s information and sending the invoice directly to the client. 

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