Online consultations with pharmacists

To provide more mindful and safe healthcare services to people, our client created an application where the patient can get assistance regarding over-the-counter medication. The application creates the ultimate drug store experience: you ask the pharmacists any questions regarding the medicine, receive assistance free of charge and order online. You can receive a consultation in three easy steps: ask a relevant question to the pharmacist, order medicine online, and get your order delivered to your doorstep. All consultants are certified pharmacists, which makes it safe to ask for advice. Additionally, all the information is protected and you can access a chat history once you log in to your personal account. 


Key Features

Admin. This user can see chats, clients, and history of communication with the ability to manage/delete users if needed.

Users. Panel that shows information about every client who chatted with the pharmacist. 

Call requests. The list of clients who expect assistance with their personal information. 

Product suggestions. A list of medical products that were suggested to users with the ability to return to chat and track the chat history. 

Дата випуску
6 months
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