Data collection platform

Data collection evaluation platform allows companies to evaluate their performance and provide possible resolutions to them. It helps companies to define their pain points, strengths and weaknesses with advanced analytical tools. Additionally, the platform offers crisis management, cybersecurity, and innovation services that support organizations by covering consultancy and analysis needs that help companies grow. 


Key Features 

Organization management module. An admin panel for organizations that allows companies to access performance reports, evaluations, and other related documents. Admins can also check users’ evaluations and create anonymous surveys. 

Evaluation module. The main feature for users that allows them to pass the evaluation. Users answer questions in the form, add comments, attachments, and create reports based on their evaluations. 

Survey module. A module that allows admins to create anonymous surveys based on the previous ones and builds automatic reports with all related information. 

 Dashboard Reports. The feature allows users to generate separate reports based on the system data that saves evaluations passed by users. 

Дата випуску
48 months
Netherlands entrepreneur (NDA)

Business services | Government | Information technology
Development / Web | Software Quality Assurance | Project Management | IT Consulting
.NET / Core (5.x) | Frontend / Angular