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Oksana Antonyuk
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Conscensia — a Danish software development company with headquarters in Aalborg (Denmark) and development centers in Lviv (Ukraine) and Warsaw (Poland). The company focuses on development within JAVA, .NET, JavaScript (both frontend and backend), Python, PHP, DBA, BI, Mobile Development (iOS/Android), Quality Assurance, and others. 

Conscensia’s clients work in the following domains: healthcare, defense, digital marketing, finance, gas and oil, sea navigation, and more. The development centers have a Scandinavian management style that focuses on personal development and work-life balance. Conscensia has more than 10 years of experience in helping companies to create the best software solutions for their businesses.

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Development / Web Development / Desktop App Development / eCommerce Development / Mobile Apps Development / iPhone Apps Development / Android Apps IT Support Software Quality Assurance BI and Big Data Cloud Consulting IT Consulting IT Recruiting
Java / Spring Java / JEE Java / Swing Java / Embedded PHP / Laravel PHP / Symphony PHP / Zend Framework PHP / Yii CMS / WordPress CMS / Joomla CMS / Drupal CMS / Magento .NET / WPF & WinForms .NET / Web .NET / Core (5.x) .NET / Visual Basic Ruby on Rails C++ / Windows C++ / Linux Frontend / Angular Frontend / React Frontend / VueJS Frontend / JQuery NodeJS Python Mobile / Xamarin Mobile / MAUI Mobile / React Native iOS / Swift iOS / Objective-C Android / Java Android / Kotlin Android / Flutter Microsoft Silverlight Cloud / Azure Cloud / AWS Cloud / Google Gamedev / Unity (C#) BI / Tableau BI / Crystal Reports BI / Power BI DB / Oracle DB / MS SQL DB / MySQL DB / PostgreSQL DB / IBM DB2 IoT Ruby on Rails Scala Redux.js Redux-saga